In a large country, with a diverse landscape like India, distribution is a huge challenge. It is one of the barriers for entering this market as well.

Panworld Books offers seamless distribution of titles across this geography and provides right strategy to meet the demands of this complex marketplace. Our differentiation lies in:-

  • End-to-end import services
  • Exclusive title distribution
  • Reprinting services
  • Publisher services
  • Extensive network
  • Excellent salesforce
  • End-to-end logistics
  • Comprehensive storage and warehousing
  • Wide geographical presence
  • On-demand supply
  • 100% returnable supply
  • Bulk breaking
  • Pre-order management
  • Transparent billing and settlement system


Let us worry about shipment, handling, customs and other regulatory requirements. All you need to do is concentrate on publishing; we will do the rest and add value at each step of the way, making sure that your book reaches customers in India on-time, every time. Having an international presence, helps us wade through import requirements to make your quality content available to the Indian market.

Exclusive Title Distribution

The advantages we provide make us uniquely suited to handle your entire title list for this geography. We bring great value to the table and offer end-to-end integrated services to make sure that your titles are represented, marketed and distributed well in the region. Be it print titles or electronic ones, we can help you reach your customers.


We also offer reprinting services, so that the hassles of packaging and shipping are taken out of the equation in ensuring quality delivery of your content. All we need is the print-ready files and we will take care of the rest. We make sure that the quality is excellent. We ensure the cost-benefits printing in India, while avoiding expensive shipping, are rightfully passed-on to your customers – giving your titles a wider reach in terms of demographics.