Our Team

Gaurav Parwanda
Gaurav ParwandaDirector
Gaurav is the director at Pan World who is responsible for driving the core business strategies, Strategic planning, organizational development, and driving the group along its growth path. Under his leadership, Pan World is fast emerging as one of the key players in the region offering diverse services and products to core sectors, and poised to emerge as one of the largest business houses operating in the region.
Varun Parwanda
Varun ParwandaDirector

As a director at Pan World, Varun brings a broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise to the organization, that helps him contribute significantly to the smooth functioning of various departments, and group companies. His hands-on approach in working with teams and operations helps in making sure that teams work more closely, cohesively, and productively resulting in customer delight. He is also a seasoned Procurement Specialist, and he excels in identifying,  evaluating, and procuring key partners, suppliers, and contractors that are so critical to the company’s success.

Apart from this, Varun also handles Purchase, Negotiations, Staff Training, and overall improving functional and cross-functional expertise within the organizatio