Panworld Books provides access to the growing markets in India. Being in the publishing industry for decades and part of a growing multi-national group of companies, Panworld India is uniquely placed to leverage what India has to offer.

Our strengths are our :-

  • Experience in publishing
  • Deep understanding of the Indian markets
  • Experience in bootstrapping businesses
  • Valuable ecosystem of partners
  • International presence

Expanding to any new geography, requires quite a bit of investment in terms of time and money to understand the culture, needs and preferences of people. More so with India, a melting pot of cultures. With more languages than the whole of Europe, India is a quilt work of diverse people, languages, food and culture. English is the common thread across this wonderful mosaic, providing huge opportunities for global publishers.

We provide help in navigating this complex marketplace. We provide services that are :-


We identify demand for your publications through primary market surveys, backed by our experience in this market.


We help start your company by taking care of all regulatory requirements and processes, making sure that your entry into this market is smooth and hassle free.


Being in the publishing industry for decades, we have our ears to the ground and know where to look for fresh content that may be of interest to readers. Sourcing commissioned content writing, ancillary content asset licensing and author acquisitions are services we offer to help publishers save on costs.

Virtual Presence

We assist in carving out the necessary infrastructure that will enable you to setup a presence in the country. While seeming like a full-fledged operational presence to your customers, a virtual office saves on costs. Exclusive helplines, front office, back office, sales collaterals, and Internet infrastructure are some of the things that we provide at affordable costs.


Identifying and hiring key resources for you, either as an exclusive team or as a shared one, based on your preferences. Providing you with a well-equipped sales force on the ground and can represent your business exclusively in the market.


We run your business through representation and help you gain a foothold, while you concentrate on your existing primary market. We take care of invoicing, accounting, distribution, marketing, and HR through a shared team – further bring down your cost of operations.


We leverage our familiarity with the market to better position your products. We help adapt your products specifically for this market through branding, communication, pricing and distribution strategies.

Panworld India Advantages

  • Headquartered in Delhi, Panworld Books knows the pulse of the Indian market.
  • With decades of experience in publishing, we understand the publishing industry very well.
  • Run multiple successful businesses as a group.
  • Experienced with building and growing companies in this region.
  • A large ecosystem of vendors, suppliers and partners – enhance our reach into the market.